Only a true innovator can show you the way.





Innovative Keynote Speaker
Smithsonian Institution Inventor
Best Selling Author
PBS Television Star
Motivational Executive Trainer
Pulitzer Prize Nominee

Lon walks the talk when it comes to innovation. How many speakers do you know that have 18 patented inventions in the Smithsonian, a best-selling #1 hit on Amazon, and a Pulitzer Prize nomination? If your answer is none, then you need to check out Lon Safko—especially if you want to help your company look far into the future and leave your competitors in the dust.

Okay, he’s a Mensa guy, but he’s also motivational, inspirational, and downright hilarious—just check out the reviews here. Not just another speaker with swagger, Lon will excite your team to hit the ground running, with tools and fresh concepts that’ll blow your minds. Bottom line? YOUR bottom line.

“Lon Safko is more than just a good speaker, he’s a great speaker!”

And, oh yeah, if you really want specific details on all Lon’s accomplishments, click here, but get yourself a tall cup of java first, because you’ll be here a while.

Lon Safko, Innovation Keynote Speaker

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Smithsonian Computer Library


Steve Jobs called one of Lon’s inventions the world’s first computer to save a human life. And while Lon’s not a doctor, he does bring companies back to life—through innovation. 

If you’re looking for a speaker to save your bottom line AND give your employees the will to live successfully, Lon’s keynotes are fresh, funny and phenomenal—and that’s a quote from a regular fan, but hey—we all can’t be Steve Jobs. But you CAN book Lon Safko for your next event! Lon tailors every presentation to suit your needs. 

That’s why he’s a favorite keynote speaker at major corporations, small business, government agencies, startups, associations, education, and non-profits.  Check out the uber-satisfied customers below!  Don’t call 9-1-1, call Lon!


Whether your business needs a creative kick in the bottom (line), an executive master class on preparing for what’s on the horizon, or exposure to little known but highly successful secrets of digital transformation, or cutting edge international marketing, Lon customizes each presentation to suit your needs.

In a complimentary Skype / phone consultation, Lon will listen to your greatest challenges and most important objectives. He’ll ask questions to truly understand the nature of your product and your stakeholders. And, he’ll discuss your budget, whether you are interested in a keynote speech, a two-day retreat, or on-going consultation.

Lon Safko, Innovation Keynote Speaker


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Pulitzer Prize nominee, Lon Safko’s books are a treasure-trove of innovative ideas. Maximize your marketing efforts for greatest returns with his tactics, tools and strategy secrets to set you apart from the your competition. 

 THE SOCIAL MEDIA BIBLE is the go-to guide for improving your company’s social media game plan, THE FUSION MARKETING BIBLE will show you how to maximize your marketing without spending a cent more, and THE INNOVATIVE THINKING BIBLE is swiftly climbing the charts as the freshest revolution in innovation to hit the marketing world.  Get your copies soon—before your competitors do!



Sometimes, no matter what marketing efforts you try, it seems like you’re shoving the proverbial round peg in a square hole.  Gaps.  Not satisfying. Not quite right. Your investment of time and money just doesn’t fit the end result.
Want to change that?  Lon can show you how.
Looking at a challenge from a new perspective takes a new mindset. Finding a solution isn’t hard, and it isn’t a trick. It’s just not what you were doing. Ready to transform the way you perceive your world? 




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