The Four Acronyms of the Apocalypse

Learn About The Four Acronyms of the Apocalypse and why your life as you know it will change forever!

Artificial Intelligent Chatbot 

There are four technologies riding your way.  These are going to change your life even more than Social Media has over the past decade.  I warned you about Social Media back in 2006 when it was still called Web 2.0.  Trust me on this…

A.I.             A.R.             V.R.             I.o.T.   

These are Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Internet of Things.

These technologies are going to have a worldwide massive impact on all of us, and our daily lives in a way you cannot comprehend.

Let Lon take you step-by-step through each and demystify them and explain them in such a way, that you will not be terrified by their coming, but look forward to and embrace their positive changes to your way of life.

A.I. Chatbot & Why You Need To Understand Them

  • Can you, in 30 words or less define what a “Chatbot” is?
  • Are you afraid of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)?
  • Do you think SkyNet will become self-aware, and see humanity as a threat to its existence, and trigger a nuclear holocaust Judgment Day?

Lucky for us, that only exists in Hollywood movie plots.  A.I. or Artificial Intelligence is no more than an app with computer code that can analyze massive amounts of information and find us patterns, recommendations, and communicate with us faster than we can do it ourselves.

The Chatbot is a powerful form of computer code “If, Then” statement.  It’s simple, “If that, then this”.  If a prospect or customer types this, then answer with that, BUT…

It is so easy to use and so powerful, we ALL need to have one on any website we own or manage.  If you are a Fortune 500 Company or a mom & pop, a well-designed Chatbot will transform your customer service and sales to an entirely different level.

The following is what actually happened on my websites which lead me to write my latest bestselling Amazon #1 book “A.I. Chatbots, Unexpected Positive Consequences”.

Did You Know… 

Making Your Site “Sticky”
Problem: The average web site visitor stays only between 10 and 20 seconds and leaves disappointed.
Solution: Chatbots engage your visitors and many stay 5 to 10 minutes and as much as 25 minutes!

Annoying Pop-Ups
Problem: No one likes annoying pops.  They force visitors to back-arrow or delete the page.
Solution: An interactive friendly helpful Chatbot will encourage your customers and prospects to stay… chat, and buy.

Contact Forms
Problem: No one uses contact forms.  They believe that’s how companies capture your email address for their spam list.
Solution: Visitors will more readily give their email address in conversation to a Chatbot.

Coupons & Discount Codes
Problem: I learned that about 1 in 10 need…  to believe they are getting a deal in order to purchase.
Solution: Without publishing the coupon page for everyone and leaving money on the table, the Chatbot can give coupons to only the customers who request them, not offer them to everyone resulting in an unnecessary large loss of revenue.

Bad Content Was Damaging Sales
Problem: All websites accumulate relic, old, outdated and incorrect information.  
Solution: Download the book…

Improve the Web Site Content
Problem: My FAQ page was developed over a 20 year period.  I was positive I answered every question a prospect or customer could ask by now.  
Solution: Download the book…

Help Customers Identify Products
Problem: “Where can I find?”  was the #1 question asked by my prospects.  
Solution: Download the book…

Identify Prospect Demographic
Problem: For 20 twenty years, I thought I knew who my customers were.  
Solution: Download the book…

Knowing My Customers Location
Problem: I was sure nearly 100% my customers were coming originating from one region of the U.S.
Solution: Download the book…

Grand Payoff
Problem: The revenue growth on my web sites became stagnant, customer service wasn’t immediate the way customer demand today.
Solution: Download the book…

To learn more about Chatbots and how they are transforming marketing, sales, and  customer service!

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