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Part Three

A.R. – Augmented Reality
A.R. is going to affect how we as consumers interact with our favorite brands in ways we haven’t even figured out yet.  If you are in sales, marketing, customer service or management, you have a responsibility to your company and to yourself to know these technologies.  Just like Social Media, they aren’t a fad and they aren’t going away.  They are all headed straight for us.  Every industry and every company will be affected in some way by Augmented Reality.

Above is an automaker’s app that let’s you point your camera at any item in or on your car and get the owner’s manual information on your phone, live, and instantly.  They are also creating A.R. apps that show you how to make repairs to your car all through your smartphone.

Architects can show you what your new house or addition will look like from every possible angle.  As you walk around the table you can see your new home from different three-dimensional perspectives.

Education is getting particularly affected already.  Just point your phone at an image in a text book and suddenly, the three-dimensional organ appears right in front of you.  If you want to see it from all sides…  Just walk around the object!

We are all going to be affected by A.R. and it’s coming soon.  The best way to embrace it is to understand it!

The next and last segment of the “Four Acronyms Of The Apocalypse” email series is V.R. Virtual Reality.

Just like the previous segments, I will take all the mystery out of it and allow you to just sit back and enjoy the technology that headed our way!

As I said before…  There’s more to come!

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