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Lon Safko Live & Virtual

Over the past three years, only the best speakers were able to successfully transition from live audiences to virtual presentations. Lon is one of those speakers.

Whether it’s in front of 2,000 people in Graz, Austria, or 2,000 people on Skype / Zoom, Lon has the ability to keep their attention, inform, and entertain them!

Innovative Thinking

The Formula For Creativity

What could you accomplish if you could solve problems more efficiently and quickly?  How much better would your employees, teams, and company run?  How much more revenue could you generate if you were simply more creative and innovative?

Let Lon teach you and your team to be more Innovative and profit!

The Four Acronyms Of The Apocalypse

A.I., A.R., V.R., & I.o.T.

There are four technologies that are going to change our lives even more than Social Media… And Lon wrote the book on that!

Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Reality, Virtual Reality, and the Internet of Things are already affecting your life! They are in your phone, your television, your shopping, and embedded in your car!

Learn how to harness these Acronyms and profit from them. You need to beat your competition to these amazing tools! Lon can show you how!

Fusion Marketing

How To Fix Broken Social Media Marketing

In 2007 Lon wrote the bestselling book “The Social Media Bible” because he knew how it was going to change the world.  In 2012, Lon wrote the bestselling book, “The Fusion Marketing Bible” because he knew social media marketing would implode!

We all know social media marketing has become worthless.  Let Lon show you and your team Fusion Marketing after a decade in the making!  Fusion Marketing is unlike anything you have ever seen and will dramatically increase your marketing profits!

"The Artificial Intelligence Chatbot" Unexpected Positive Consequences

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