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The Absurdity Continues


Here are a few absurd questions I asked myself over the year and returned some astounding surprises.

  • 1978: What if you could get a computer to speak to you?
  • 1985: What if you spoke to a computer and it did what you asked?
  • 1986: What if you could control a mouse just by moving your head?
  • 1986: What if you could sipped on a straw and could turn on a light?
  • 1987: What if you could click buttons and have the computer speak for you?
  • 1987: What if you could puff on a straw and control a hospital bed?
  • 1999: What if you could send virtual toys over the internet?

Don’t be afraid to ask bizarre, unexpected questions, you just might be surprised at the answers!

What They Did During World War II


Cadillac:                     Made tanks.

Bulova:                       Made Torpedo Mechanisms.

Brunswick:                 Made assault boots.

Trane AC:                  Made intercoolers for planes.

Caterpillar:                 Made engines for M4 tanks.

Whirlpool:                  Made Propellers.


Look At Everything Differently.


“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

-Albert Einstein


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Serial Innovator, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Innovative Thinking


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