Innovative Thinking – Introduction – Blog 001

This blog is dedicated to making you more creative, more innovative.  I will be posting in three different parts; Part One, “Your Brain Is Messing With Your Head”, Part Two, “Here’s The Secret Sauce”, and Part Three, “Seeing Is Believing”.

In Part One, I will show you a dozen or more optical illusions and explain how, why, and how you can overcome the tricks your brain is playing on you.  These tricks will prevent you from seeing your creativity and prevent you from becoming “Innovative”!

In Part Two, I will actually give you a simple three-step formula you can practice to become innovative on-demand.  It just takes practice!  And…

In Part Three, I will share dozens of examples of simple innovation solutions so you can identify with them and realize that everyone can be creative, especially you!  You’ve been creative before…  Let me show you how you can be innovative any time you want.

All of these blogs are intended to be fun, fast, and bring you closer to becoming the more innovative person you know!


Lon Safko
Serial Innovator, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Innovative Thinking


A word about the book link below and in each blog post.  I am sure you are thinking “All he wants to do is sell his book…”  Not really!

The blogs I will be posting come directly from the book.  So if you like the posts, you’ll love the book!  You can buy the book and get all the 130+ posts all at once, in one place.

The book is currently selling on Amazon at the discounted price of $2.99.  Amazon takes 70% of that.  So, for each book I sell I get a whopping 90¢.  I would have to sell a LOT of books to make 90¢ worthwhile.  I put the link here for you to make it easy…  thank you!

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