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Innovation – Inflatable Highway Safety Cones


I know you’ve seen those little triangle warning reflectors that disabled truck set up along the side of the highway when they break down.  If you have, you’ve also seen half or more of them blown over by other passing trucks.

Last year my wife’s car broke down and I thought about what kind of warning devices I could make for her that had to be; small, so she could carry them in her trunk, lightweight, because she would have to deploy them, cheap, so they had mass-market appeal, reflective, and couldn’t be blown over.



So, I came up with Inflatable Highway Safety Cones!  Do you remember the “punch-a-clown” toy from when you were a kid?  You would inflate it and every time you punched it, it would fall over and bounce back up?  Well…

A little PVC plastic, a valve stem, and a little sand in the bottom and you have a traffic safety device that meets all of the above criteria! 


“No matter how old you get, if you can keep the desire to be creative, you’re keeping the man-child alive.”

-John Cassavetes


Lon Safko
Serial Innovator, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Innovative Thinking


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