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Necessity & Invention


 Some say that necessity is the mother of invention.  Sometimes that’s true, but it’s not.  Sometimes… Invention is the mother of necessity.

Take Steve Jobs and the Macintosh, the iPod, and the iPad.  Everybody seemed content with DOS (OMG!).  No one said “You know what would make using a computer even better…  a Mouse!”

At one point in time, no one had ever heard of the iPod or knew what an MP3 was.  We all had CD’s and loved them; scratches and jumps and all!  The MP3 and the MP3 Player was around for several years before Steve Jobs “created” a market for an MP3 player. I owned a Philips MP3 player years before the iPod.


“Sometimes if you want to know what someone is thinking, you just have to listen.”

-Lon Safko


Lon Safko
Serial Innovator, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Innovative Thinking


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