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Innovation – Real Estate Business Card



Here’s another simple innovation.  A realtor friend of mine asked if I could create something to help with clients he meets to be reminded of him when they were ready to buy a house.  The problem is, he meets a lot of people who are thinking of buying, but by the time they are ready, they have lost or misplaced his business card then sign with a different realtor.


This was solved by asking what’s important to a buyer?  The only question they have is how much house can we afford?  At today’s interest rate, how expensive of a house can we buy and what would the monthly payments be?  So, I created this.

It’s a simple table with a variety of interest rates in the left column and home prices across the top.  It was printed on the back of his business card.  This way, whenever a client saw a house they thought they would like to buy, they looked at the interest rate, then looked at the mortgage amount, and…  There was the monthly payment.

See above.

The realtor told me recently a client who called him after 10 years!  For ten years the client kept that card (the table) in his wallet.

See…  Simple solutions to everyday problems.


“It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to be wrong than to be always right by having no ideas at all. “

-Edward de Bono


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