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Innovation – The Garden Hose Dilemma

Here’s a simple problem we all have had and can be easily solved if we are willing to break convention.


We’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to use a garden hose, only to have it twist gnarl, kink, and tangle.  It seems no matter what we do, we can’t keep the hose from tangling up.  They even make special garden hoses called non-kinking.


You might be surprised when I tell you the reason the hose kinks is because of you.  You make the hose unusable.  The hose kinks and twists, because you put the twists in the hose when you store it away.Think about it.  When you put your hose away, you stand there and twist it and twist it and twist to get it coiled up all nice and neat on it little hose caddy.  If you don’t want the hose to wist, then…  Don’t twist it!

If you take a different approach and deviate from convention, you can make your hose more usable with a lot less frustration.  Here’s how to fix your problem.

Stretch out your hose on the lawn.  Take your time to remove all the kinks and twists.  Once the hose is straight, turn the water on and let the pressure straighten out the hose even more.  Remove any additional twists best done when the hose is warm as it is more pliable).  Turn off the water and open your sprayer to
remove any remaining water pressure in the hose.  Now…

Drape your hose over its caddy, don’t twist it.  It won’t look as pretty as your neighbors, but it won’t twist either.Solving problems are about identifying the problem and looking for simple ways to overcome the cause.  I am sharing these ideas because I want to convince you most solutions are easy and right in front of your face.  All you have to do is look at each problem differently.  And, once you learn how, you will be able to do it with ease.


“Music is the art of thinking with sounds.”

-Jules Combarie


Lon Safko
Serial Innovator, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Innovative Thinking


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