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Three Men And A Room


Here’s a brain teaser that should keep both sides of your brain busy for some time.  The problem is simple while the solution is difficult.


What we know…


Three men pay $10 each to rent a room or $30 as a group.


The clerk discovers he has overcharged the group at the group rate by $5.


He gives the bellhop the $5 to return to the three men.


The bellhop decides that $5 is too hard to divide by three and gives each man a dollar and keeps the remaining $2 for himself.


The three men have now paid $9 each, the bellhop has kept $2, making the total $29.


Where did the remaining dollar go?


Go on…  Don’t give up too easily.  Work on it for a while.


“You can never go wrong doing the right thing!”


Lon Safko
Serial Innovator, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Innovative Thinking


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