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Innovation – Wet Mop Dilemma



Ever mob a floor (of course you have…)  When you are finished, what do you do with the wet mop?  Put it in the garage on the floor and lean the handle against the wall?  Lean the wet mop head against the wall?The mop goes sour (fill with bacteria and stink), it stains the floor and ruins the wall.  Leaving the wet mop in the bucket is even worse.  After a week, it really stinks!

My wife asked me to look at this and here is my solution for under one dollar.


I took a plastic pale from the 99¢ Store and cut a “V” notch in the top.  I removed the handle and put one drywall screw through the back an screwed it to the wall just high enough so when the mop was placed in the bucket like the image, the handle would not touch the floor.

When we were done with the wet mop, simply hold it in the bucket and allow the handle to fall outside the V.

The mop will drip into the bucket.  The mop will quickly dry before it gets stinky sour and the water in the bucket will also quickly evaporate.

No more stains, no smelly wet mops, all for under $1.


Lon Safko
Serial Innovator, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Innovative Thinking


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