The Internet Of Things (I.o.T.) 2 of 14

We are going to jump to The Internet of Things, first.

Part One

I.o.T. – The Internet of Things
I.o.T. is just electronic devices that do or measure something and communicates that info through the Internet or WiFi to you or other enabled devices.  That’s it, nothing more.

We have all seen a standard doorbell.  You push the button and it connects a circuit that rings a bell.  But because of the Internet and the low cost of smartphone cameras, this became this..  Ring.

Now, we can see whomever is at our front door from anywhere in the world, have a conversation and even record the encounter all from our smartphone.

Remember the old mercury-bulb thermostats we use to control our heat?  Well that has changed too.

Nest has replaced those old antiquated wall art.  You can now see the temperature in your house from anywhere, adjust your A.C. or heat before you get home.  And, Nest will even watch your living patterns and anticipate when to raise or lower the heat without ever being told to.

All because this changed from this…  to this!

See…  Simple.  Electronic devices that do things and communicate that to you through the Internet and you smartphone!

More to come!

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