The Internet Of Things (I.o.T.) 4 of 14

Part Three

I.o.T. – The Internet of Things
My last example on I.o.T. is how electronic devices will communicate between themselves.  This gets a little scary.

Security systems are the best example we can all related to.

The new I.o.T. security systems don’t even need us at all.  They handle everything on their own and let us know after the fact.

The motion detectors in the cameras activate the camera and send you a live video stream (like the Ring doorbell), the systems continuously monitors all the doors and windows.  If one opens, or it detects motion in the house, or it hears the sound of breaking glass it immediately notifies the security monitoring company and you..  The police are on their way…  Handled!

It even knows the difference between the sound of a breaking bottle and a breaking window!

We are going to rapidly see more and more of our devices talking between themselves and letting us know about their conversations later.  How many combinations of devices can you think of that make sense?

  • Your electric meter, Nest thermostat, and your A.C. to save cost during peak hours?
  • Your car and your garage door opening to open the door as you pull into your driveway?
  • Your hot water heater and a motion sensor to save energy when no one is home?
  • Your irrigation and the National Weather Service to conserve water if it’s going to rain?

See…  I.o.T. is pretty easy stuff…  And fun!  As more and more devices become “smart” and begin talking to us and one another, we we see amazing combinations, savings, security, and just excitement!

Next, we will talk about A.I.  Yes…  the dreaded A.I.  The stuff that keeps Elon Musk awake at night.  The stuff of Terminator and SkyNet.  And, like I.O.T., I will take the mystery out of A.I. and show you how you are already interacting with A.I. every day, everywhere!

Stay with me,  there is even more to come!

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