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Part Two

V.R. – Virtual Reality
Second Life allowed us to move around and meet people we would never have met otherwise.  When you met and struck up a conversation with a passing Avatar, you wouldn’t know if they were from your area, your state, or country, or somewhere else in the world.

You could explore the virtual Eiffel Tower and Paris, France, Go deep sea diving, explore every rocket NASA created and sent into space, and even take a tour inside the human DNA!

Among the Fortune 500 Companies in Second Life was I.B.M.  They created a clever solution to getting their 400+ engineers together each week in a meeting to collaborate and communicate about the projects they were working on.  So, I.B.M. acquired four adjacent Sims and built this beautiful meeting pavilion.

Each week their engineers would meet at the I.B.M. Pavilion, talk to one another, exchange ideas, and at 9:00 AM, they would all sit down in the large theatre and hear and see a PowerPoint presentation from a fellow engineer.

By doing this they didn’t have to travel, there was no expenses, no down time, they could exchange ideas freely, and build comradery.

Go figure…  It took 15 years and the CoVid Pandemic to get people to realize they could work together virtually.

Let me share some personal experiences I had in Second Life.

That’s me flying over my property in SL.  I had a beautiful two story granite mansion on the ocean.  You could walk around and see the wild life, hear the seagulls, and watch the waves crashing against the shore.

I used my SL property for business.  I had a conference room on the second floor where I would hold meetings with people from around the world.  There were several large screen monitors where you could watch my videos.  There was even a 10′ wide screen in the courtyard where I taught international college courses using PowerPoint.  You can find the graduation cerimonies on YouTube.

On the first floor of the mansion, I had two virtual stores.  One store sold my CD’s, DVD’s and books, while the other store sold my Paper Models for school projects:

Yes…  Downloadable or virtual products, sold in a virtual store, in a virtual world, to virtual people.  The only thing that was Real Life was the deposits going into my bank account.

This is a random scene of a property someone created in Second Life.  It was like walking through a Monet painting.

We are near the end of this series now.  There is only one more V.R. email and a conclusion.  Again, tell me if you like this type of content.  Contact me and I will provide more.

V.R. Part Three is next!  Enjoy!

Lon Safko, Serial Innovator
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