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Part Two

A.I. – Artificial Intelligence
Other forms of A.I. we interface with on a daily basis are tools like Alexa and Siri.  These are programmed the same way with the previously mention “If Then” statements.  If you ask a question, Siri and Alexa records what you say, converts the sound track (speech) into text, looks for keywords, and searches the Internet just like you would.  It finds the keywords, copies the text from the web site, converts it into synthesized speech, and says what it found.

See, no goblins or “Cyberdyne Systems Model 101” (a Terminator reference.)

“Sophia” is one of the most sophisticated “Robots” today.  She is also one of the most life-like computers ever made.  It is so impressive, that the country of Saudi Arabia granted her citizenship!  The first robot ever to become a “citizen!” 

(See I said “it”?  I SO wanted to say “she”.)

We all knew it was a publicity stunt, but cool none the less.

And then there is IBM’s Watson.  One of the world’s most advance “advanced analytics engines” ever made.  On January 14, 2011, Watson beat the best Jeopardy champions hands down.  This was while it was also being used to detect cancer from mammograms with a higher accuracy than the world’s best doctors.
Oh yeah, that me hanging out with Watson over a beer.

(OK…  only I had the beer…)

Stay with me!  There’s one more email on A.I. and if you answer the question correctly, you can win a free copy of my book “Artificial Intelligence Chatbots, Unexpected Positive Consequences”!

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