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Part Three

A.I. – Artificial Intelligence
Let’s talk about Chatbots!

One of the most common forms of A.I. today is the Chatbot.  It’s turning up everywhere on line.  Most every web site now has one and it has changed customer service forever.

The chatbot works the same way as previously describe; with the “If Then” statement.  If a customer types a question, the computer looks for keywords in the sentence and does an “If Then”.  IF the customer types these words, THEN respond with these words.  This is done either in text or spoken through voice synthesis.

Again, that’s all there is to it; however, there are two things computers have over humans, speed and accuracy.

On all of my web sites I have chatbots.  It truly is amazing how much they have helped me with clients and increased sales.  Above is “Bella”.  My chatbot dog.  She actually speaks to my web visitors.  (That’s my real dog Bella…)

I use Bella on my web site that sells school projects for kids;

They LOVE to interact with her.  Some kids will stay on the web site chatting with Bella for up to a half an hour and keep coming back!

Above is the first page of actual computer code I wrote back in 1978 when creating what turned out to be the first chatbot ever!  It was called “Let’s Talk“!

(No age jokes!  LOL)

I promised a give away of my book “Artificial Intelligence Chatbots, Unexpected Consequences”, which hit #1 on Amazon in three categories. 

All you have to do is contact me with answers to the three questions below:

  • Who or what is this an image of above?
  • Where and when did it debut?  And,
  • Why was it called that?

Send me the answers to these three questions and I will send you the book!

Next, we are going to discuss A.R., Augmented Reality.

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