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Finding the Essence


Here are some examples of how large corporations help their employees successfully work in teams.

At Cambridge Technology Partners, a software development firm, there are four rules for fast teams:

  1. Let groups make their own rules. Teams must be in charge of their own destiny.
  2. Speak up early and often. If a team member has a problem that they can’t solve within two minutes or less, they need to ask for help.
  3. Learn as you go. Conduct regular review sessions to determine what worked, what was learned, and what needs improvement.
  4. Fast has to be fun. People can burn out quickly if they are constantly under the gun. Plan weekly outings to reenergize staff. Teams function better when they get to know each other in different settings outside of work.  It benefits the team and benefits the organization.

Hallmark Cards of Kansas City developed a “creativity center” stocked with clay, paint, paper and other art materials to help the creative staff “think with their hands.” Hallmark employees are energized by the freedom to create.

The typical workweek at Longaberger Company, a maker of handcrafted items, is 35 hours long.  There is an unwritten rule that up to a quarter of each workday should be spent having fun.

Employees are energized because they know management trusts them to have fun and get the job done.

And, you all have heard the stories about Apple Computer in the 1980’s and Google today.  I have been to both and the stories are true.


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