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Participative & Energetic Meeting



Here are a few tips to get you started with your next innovative team to ensure a more participative and energetic meeting.


  • Hold the meeting at a time (prior to break or lunch) and in an environment conducive to communication.
  • Keep the meeting
  • Be well prepared in advance for even a shorter meeting.
  • Have a clear agenda so you and the team know what your purpose is for scheduling the
  • Make sure you achieve the purpose.
  • Take notes during the meeting so you can follow up on what was discussed with appropriate action plans.
  • Make sure the topics are work or group-related. Don’t deviate.
  • Be honest and straightforward. Remember, you’re the authority.
  • Back up whatever you say with facts. If you make a promise, follow up on it.
  • Set aside time for discussion, but limit questions by requesting that they be held until you are through talking.
  • Schedule no more than five or 10 minutes for questions. Offer to answer any remaining questions after the meeting on a one-on-one basis.
  • Keep your tone positive and supportive.
  • Make the meeting livelier by planning the unexpected. Nothing is more boring than routine.

Pull Together — Win Together


Follow these rules to set your team up for success:


  • Define each personas
  • Draw up a game plan and be sure everyone knows what it is.
  • Create an identity for the team. *
  • Be willing to reassign roles, responsibilities, and
  • Give your members a chance to stretch their skills & responsibilities.
  • Continuously reinforce the team concept.
  • Encourage networking and working together.

The key to establishing and maintaining good teamwork is to create a caring atmosphere. If employees believe in their leader truly cares about them, high performance will naturally follow.

We’ve previously discussed what happened at Apple when Steve Jobs took Apples’ 21 best engineers and moved into the house behind the headquarters to develop the Mac.  Talk about building a team identity!


“Never confuse movement with action.”

–Ernest Hemingway


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