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Interruptions Are Destructive


In The Zone


Have you heard the expression, “Being in the zone?”  Have you ever been in the zone?  If so, you know exactly what it means.  It means you are so focused that you are one with your thoughts, your game, your performance.

If during this time, you were told to “take a break”, “walk it off”, or “Honey, can you look at the disposal?” the zone disappears.  It’s gone.  Luckily, it’s not gone for good.  You can get back into the zone, maybe.  It often takes 30 minutes or so to get into your creative or high performance state of mind.  And, that’s if you can.  Many times you are bumped “out of the zone”, it’s gone for the time being.

If you want to be consistently creative and innovative,  you need to set a given amount of time and place set aside where you can focus without interruption.  Interruptions are completely destructive to creativity.  Some people can deal with disruptions, while most others are stopped dead in their tracks.

You must avoid interruptions from the outside as well as from yourself.  The BIGGEST pitfall and distraction is YOU!  Subconsciously, you are much more comfortable doing things you know you can succeed at rather than something you might fail doing.  You are never sure if you can get into the zone and if you do, will you come up with that next David, 5th Symphony, of Mona Lisa?  Most of the time, we don’t.We have a tendency to focus on things we like to do and things we are comfortable with.  Don’t: answer email or even touch your phone.  Leave your dog alone.  They will be fine for an hour.  Don’t feed your fish, organize your paperclips, file your folders, trim your nails, check your text messages, and by all means… Stay away from YouTube!  YouTube is great in the Collect mode but is a killer in the Communicate mode.

Some people can play music in the background, most can’t.  If you try, be sure to start with “Relaxation” “Meditation”, or New Age” music.  Rap ain’t going to do it for you.  Any music with a strong driving beat and often lyrics, will kidnap your left brain and force it to perform manual labor.  It will have to keep the beat and sing the lyrics along to the music and never allow your right brain a chance to communicate.

As I said earlier, the Three C’s have been called by other names.  Some scientists add or delete a step here and there, but this seems to be the best, most focused formula for innovative thinking.

If you follow these three rules, I promise, you will become more creative.

I bet as you go through this book, you are already seeing new ideas pop into your head.  It will happen while walking, exercising, taking a shower, or driving to and from work with your radio off.  I am sure you are already getting new ideas!

This book is far from over, but I want to remind you to come on over to my website at  Hit the “Contact” menu and share your ideas and the environment you were in when you got these innovative ideas.  Also, share the frequency of getting creative ideas.  I will bet the frequency is increasing as well.

Lose Your “Need For Noise”


“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”

-John F. Kennedy


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Serial Innovator, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Innovative Thinking


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